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Integration services and solutions

Our AUTOSAR Offerings

Integration of 3rd party AUTOSAR R4.x BSW and MCAL Stack on target HW.

Configuration of 3rd Part AUTOSAR BSW Stack as per OEM .arxml, .dbc, .ldf.

Configuration of AUTOSAR BSW Stack: Communication CAN/LIN/Ethernet, Memory Stack(NvM, FEE), Diagnostics(DCM, DEM), System Services(OS, State Management Modules), WatchDog Stack.

MCAL Driver Configuration: CAN, LIN, Eth, MCU, PWM, ADC, DIO, PORT, WDG, FEE/FLS, SPI, I2C.

OEM Specific Module development and Integration.

OEM or Tier1 developed SWC Integrations using RTE port mapping; sender/receiver or client-server ports.

AUTOSAR compliant MCAL Driver Development

Development of Application Specific Complex Device Drivers(CDD) and Integration in AUTOSAR System

System Validation of BSW Stack as per ATS and OEM specific tests. IAST has developed in-house Automated test framework for the Standard platform modules like COM, NM, UDS, Bootloader.

Migrating of Non-Autosar platform to AUTOSAR Platform

Our AUTOSAR Experience