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Functional Safety Services

Functional Safety Services

Item Definition, HARA, FSC, FSR, TSC and TSR development in close collaboration with Customer in SysML and Requirement Management Tools.

Perform Safety Analysis like FTA, DFA, FMEDA and MSR FMEA.

High quality safety documentations like Safety Plan, Safety Impact Analysis, Safety Assessment plan, Safety Case and DIA.

Verification and Validation of TSC as per ASIL rating.

Support Customers for Functional Safety Assessment and Functional Safety Audits.

DOORS, Rapsody, Cameo, APIS, Medini and ISOGraph Tools used for Safety Development lifecylce.

Integration of AUTOSAR Safety Modules like Safe RTE, Safe OS, Watchdog, COM, NvM, E2E.

Implementation of Safety mechanism for CDDs like SBC.

Configuration, Integration and Validation of Safety Lib including SMU, Pflash, ECC, Voltage Monitor, Clock Monitor, MCU, SPB, LMU, CRC, SRAM etc.

Memory Protection and Timing Protection.

Securization logic and End to End protection.

MPU Partitioning for Safe and QM modules to achieve freedom of interferrance, Software Coexistence (FFI).

Gap Analysis between Current Customer Process and ISO 26262.