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Cyber Security Services

Secure Download, Secure Boot, Secure Flashing

HSM Integration on target hardware.

Secure Boot, Seed/Key Management, Secure flashing, extended secure boot, signature and CMAC verification.

Security Diagnostic flow and secure flashing.

Extended secure Boot to verify the CMAC of Software.

Security Diagnostic flow with HSM and Custom algorithm.

Implementation of Secure Boot/Authentic Boot features, integrating SW crypto Stack and HSM with OEM specific Bootloader.

Perform Functional Validation of all customer safety requirements.

Secure Communication(SecOC, AUTOSAR CryPto Stack)

HSM Integration on target hardware.

Integration and Configuration of AUTOSAR R4.3.x Crypto Stack .

Configuration and Integration of all the SecOC dependant modules like COM, PudR, RTE, NvM etc.

Integration of customer specific CDD files FVM, Crypto Library.

Functional Validation of SecOC requirements.

Realization of OEM requirements like CMAC, Freshness Value, Key Management etc.

Integration of OEM specific features.

Cyber Security implementation using SW and HW crypto stack.